My approach to Public Safety

                                                         Day 1 Accountability

I am not going to talk about police reform. I'm going to talk about police control. It is a falsehood that police need help to reform themselves. It is a falsehood that police just need good faith political allies to effect change. There is nothing stopping police in this nation, or this city, from doing what everyone already knows needs to be done. There is nothing keeping them from reforming themselves like every other professional body in history. There is nothing stopping MPD.


They could've done it yesterday, they could've done it last year, they could've done it ten years ago. But they haven't, and they won't. They do not view themselves as part of the community, they do not view themselves as subordinate to civilian command and control and they do not view themselves as accountable to anyone but themselves. For far too long our political leadership has let the police department run itself, either out of an inability or unwillingness to exert control. The police are not capable of self regulation. Policing is far too important to leave to the police. The question is, will we continue to tolerate an autonomous fourth branch of government?

Either we control the police, or the police control us.

On day one:

1. All promotions come through the mayor's desk.
2. Simple disciplinary processes will be seen and processed within 14 days.
3. Complex discipline will be constantly monitored and guided through the process.
4. Precinct command will answer to and explain trends in community relations and complaints.

5. Eliminate all training pertaining to "excited delirium".

                                            You want to do what?

If we can begin, little by little, to build up trust drawn on accounts of experience, we can start to improve things. This is why I want to pay officers, up to 40 hours per year, to spend time with the communities they serve. Even if people start out doing it for the extra money, even in those situations perspectives can be changed, relations modified and attitudes broadened. We can create links between those non-profits dedicated to serving their communities, and the officers who work there.


Even the "radical" idea to create a Department of Public Safety admits it will keep officers on the streets. And even then we will need more than policy changes and budget numbers to fix our city. I am not aware of any comprehensive effort to study the city's response to the events last year, of lesson's learned, or any measure taken by the city to drive accountability.

                                            Anti-racism in policing

We know as a matter of scientific certainty that militarism and racism are inextricably linked. Where there is militarism there is racism. It is simply a matter of human biology and psychology. Militarism and racism promote each other in a feedback loop. In order to attack racism and white supremacy in policing, we can systematically dismantle the culture of militarism which is prevailing in policing today. 

Rest assured there are operators and grifters who know of this link and who use it to promote racist outcomes. Pseudo-scientific quacks with quack methodologies make lots of money going around "training" police in all sorts of nonsense. Some are just scam artists, some are deeply racist and some are just duped. 

Cultures of militarism provide cover and concealment for racism. Actions and behaviors which stick out like a sore thumb become embedded in an overall cultural chauvinism which makes it easier for people to ignore, shrug off or simply not notice. It also makes it easier for racists to promote their agendas in our nation's police departments.

We also know that systematic indoctrination works, and we know how psychology can be used to attain desired outcomes. This gives us a tools to directly attack militarism in our training and indoctrination processes, thereby laying bare racism and white supremacy, denying it cover, and making it stand out. One thing is clear: you cannot have a militarized police force without also having a racist police force.

                          Demilitarization and alternative responses

In reorganizing public safety, we can create vulnerable population resources for addressing the specific needs of our residents. I will appoint LGBTQIA+ liaison(s) for addressing violence against queer and trans people. This team will work to understand the nature of the problems and formulate responses designed around community needs and input, as well as push on the ground interventions into toxic cultures which promote this violence. 

We can fully fund mental health response and make sure current pilot programs are fully implemented. By diverting funds to create a city based addiction treatment plan, we can reduce triggers for violence before they occur. 

Ban entirely the use of non-lethal kinetic projectiles such as rubber bullets, bean bags, etc.

Looking to the future, our city is in the crosshairs of a burgeoning alt-right neo-fascist movement which seeks to target urban communities and communities of color. Our neighbors have already been victimized by these elements, compounding community trauma and escalating violence in our city. Until now, law enforcement has conveniently ignored or downplayed these threats to our city, and to America. As mayor I will devote police and intelligence resources to understanding these threats and protecting our communities from them, as well as protecting people's Constitutional rights to protest and freedom of expression.

There is nothing sillier than police dressed up in full battle dress. We will review uniform regulations and eliminate silly military get ups. You go to a protest and you have people standing around pretending to be Special Forces, and they're not Special Forces. Police originally wore blue to distinguish themselves from the redcoats of the King's army. Here we are now, full circle, with police dressing up as soldiers for no actual good reason. A juvenile fascination with warrior motifs is self-indulgent nonsense.

Eliminate SWAT and Bomb Squad and contract with Hennepin County for these services.


The flag of the United States shall have thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and white, and a union consisting of white stars on a field of blue. All other corruptions will be banned from display on municipal PD property.