Business Meeting

Building economic inclusion

Minneapolis is a rich city. Great pools of capital are dammed up behind great barriers. Affluence builds up on top of itself, and poverty builds up on itself. We must get serious about punching holes in these barriers to spread prosperity for the whole city. In order to fill up these great gaps we have to work together on all levels of government to realize progress. I will work with elected officials and staff to designate Economic Inclusion Zones which reduces or eliminates the costs of doing business in historically discriminated and marginalized neighborhoods.

I will also spearhead economic initiatives at the state level to drive market demand to these neighborhoods through favorable sales tax relief. It's hard enough to get by, and having our poorest pay high sales taxes, and not get nearly enough in return, is economically unjust and should be stopped. Tax burdens will be shifted as necessary to address long standing economic disparities, as no cost is too great to achieve justice and equality. These zones will drive demand to businesses who enjoy these benefits, leveling out the playing field throughout our city.

I support efforts to establish a municipal banking system, and to generate community based finance for working people. I also support current efforts to introduce rent stabilization to the city.