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A Strategic Vision for Minneapolis


Economic Inclusion Zones

Pass economic relief for our poorest neighborhoods in the form of no city fees or fully refundable fees on businesses for any licenses, approvals, permits, etc.

Work with state delegation to pass sales tax holiday zones for our most oppressed neighborhoods in the Twin Cities, and outstate MN. Our most oppressed and least served populations are sending money to the Vikings and institutions which do not serve them.

   Drive capital with progressive demand side policies!


Who I Am

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Called to serve

As a young man I joined the Marine Corps and trained as a Combat Engineer. I spent my first year in Okinawa, as I was deeply interested in Japanese culture and history. I witnessed 9/11 while on leave before deploying with the 26th MEU to Afghanistan. Shortly thereafter I was stop-lossed for the invasion of Iraq in 2003. I am deeply appreciative of my service even though the folly of these wars is clear. In the Marines I learned the values of leadership, honor, and humility in service. I also learned first hand the horrific costs of war on civilians as well as combatants. We must always remember that service is a privilege and an honor, and we must instill these ideas in those that serve us. To be allowed to serve is a privilege afforded those lucky enough to be able.

Why I am running

                                                                               Fellow neighbors, I am running to provide a clear alternative for our city.                                                                                     Even now city leadership is falling back into its old habits, and we cannot                                                                                   afford to lose the plot at this critical time. As candidate for Mayor I will                                                                                       strive to drive accountability at all levels of government. We spend                                                                                               millions on infrastructure, equipment, training and staff, only to witness                                                                                     the utter capitulation of government at every level. We boast of our                                                                                            credentials, yet fail abysmally. The professional class seeks to change the                                                                             narrative and bog us down in the same old fights, to distract us from who is                                                                           ultimately responsible.

                                                                         My career is in manufacturing and operations. My experience in project work,                                                                           training and development across all levels of business have taught me how to                                                                       effectively operate in "highly matrixed environments". I have extensive                                                                                       experience with cross disciplinary teams working together to solve complex                                                                            problems and drive success. From working and training on union floors, to                                                                               strategizing with operational directors, I believe I can work effectively with                                                                                staff to drive improvements in city management and accountability.

                                                                   My volunteer experience includes working on the city's MPD/911 workgroup, and                                                             public safety experience as a volunteer Special Deputy with Hennepin County, where I l                                                      learned about emergency management and community service. Closing the gap                                                             between police and community is the critical mission of our time, whatever form the police                                   department takes. Dismantling white supremacy and toxic elements in our police force is a daunting task. Those officers who work and strive every day to serve their communities are themselves held back by the culture of silence and intimidation that rules police departments throughout our nation. This culture works every day against our communities, silences us, but most viciously it protects and promotes the culture of violence against minorities and BIPOC communities.

                       Where do we go from here?

Any para-military organization which sustains 20-25% casualty rates needs to be reorganized. Restructuring the MPD with the city council will be a monumental undertaking. However, I do not support diluting accountability through a maze of bureaucracy. There are already too many protected jobs, too many insulated positions, and no real accountability. You cannot drive change through umpteen layers of bureaucracy where responsibility is diluted, blame is shifted, and careerism dictates the strategies of the day. I support a model that preserves mayoral authority over the police department, while being open to restructuring not only the department, but our precinct level organization as well. As an operations guy, experience has taught me to be very skeptical when it comes to people with master's degrees talking about restructuring the org chart. We know how it goes, we roll our eyes, and nothing will change but the sign on the building.


In my conversations with community leaders, I have heard the message. The message that fear dominates our city, that our communities do not hate the police, they fear the police. Our communities want to be served and protected just like every white person in Edina or Woodbury or Minneapolis. Our grand strategy in our town must be to reduce the fear that grips us. Every step taken as a government must be aimed at this objective. 


I am running as a real working class alternative, a veteran whose purpose is to serve, and as a citizen who will strive to never again allow this city to feel so alone, and so abandoned as we all did in those dark nights last year. This city can and will become a city where black lives matter. As mayor I will work to carve out our own space at City Hall, and not become completely ensconced in the professional architecture of the city.


Never again,


Philip Sturm

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